Super League of Heroic Justice


All members go through and are periodically evaluated by the quasi-government agency Dossier Department. The DD documents all power, determines the appropriateness and public use restriction, maintains a public roster of Super Names, power classification(s), power level, affiliations, location, status and link to a MySpace profile.

Power sources are classified as:

Classification – Power Sources
Techno – Technology based.
Hybrid – Genetic manipulation or mutation.
Alien – Off-world being or 1/16 offspring of off-world being(s).
Hyde – Dual genetic code.
Kinetic – Generate, manipulate, transform and/or project some type of energy/force.
Booster – Chemically induced powers.
Mystic – Abilities based on incantations, obscure theological beliefs, seemingly random arm movements, and “charms” (usually dead stuff or weird jewelry).
Psion – Mental abilities.
Quark – Other. Even the DD has a limit to bureaucracy.

Chapter 619
Lower East boroughs of Upper West boroughs


“With great power, comes a great commitment to the Super League of Heroic Justice, and the citizens it protects, to follow all Bylaws, pay dues on time and to be the best Super Samaritan I can be.”


With general membership, following all responsibilities and having no outstanding Super League of Heroic Justice financial balance you are entitled to the follow:
1. The rights to publically exhibit, conjure, summon or somehow activate all powers disclosed and authorized in your dossier.
2. The right to detain those (e.g. human, non-human, etc., see section 45.b.3 for a complete list of “those”) which pose a general threat to the citizenry of this great nation.
3. The right to a secret identity. If you do not have a security identify one can be provided for you. This right can be waived.
4. The right to medical, dental, vision and flood insurance with a co-pay of $10, except vision that has a $20 co-pay.
5. The right of personal indemnification of loss while following these Bylaws.
If granted Super Squad status and/or Union Stewards you are entitled to the following additional rights:
6. The right to Patrol, to actively look for trouble and stop, mitigate and/or disrupt it.


In order to maintain membership in good standing you are required to the following:
1. You must pay $14.75 monthly for general membership and $500 monthly for Super Squad membership due on the 1st of the month. If there is no 1st of the month (note: the Calendar Crook incident) then payment is due on the first day that is recognized in the new month, or within 30.8 days or 739.2 hours of last payment or whatever comes first.
2. You must attend 90.83% of General Membership Meetings each year.
3. You must resister all powers with the Dossier Department.
4. You must follow the Super Hero Code of Conduct.
5. You must use your powers to protect the citizenry of this great nation during the course of your normal day without intentionally looking for trouble, unless you are granted Super Squad status because looking for trouble is expected (see 10 below).
6. You must perform 120 hours of non-compensated public service outside of fighting crime for the betterment of the general citizenry every calendar year.
If granted Super Squad status you are additionally required to:
7. Charter and maintain a membership of no fewer than four super powered members.
8. Maintain a Headquarter.
9. Maintain and publicize an 800-number, request for help email account and MySpace webpage.
10. Patrol your district:
a. At least 120 hours a month;
b. At least 5% of time is spend in each borough;
c. Obey all applicable traffic rules.

Chapter 619 Active Members

Super League of Heroic Justice

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