Megatropolis is the Tin Age of Superheroes. No longer is the super hero mantel held by the few. In the time of Megatropolis, population growth, genetic engineering, technical advances and the fact that most heroes in the day lived a Rock-Star lifestyle that left a trail of super-babies has led to an abundance of super powered people.

Those wanting to follow their predecessors in fighting crime or just not wanted to be arrested for unsanctioned use of super powers are required to join the Super League of Heroic Justice. The Super League of Heroic Justice is a Journeymen‘s Union to help supers cope with, grow, and control their abilities. In order to be a member you should have to pass rigorous physical and mental testing but this Union only requires you pay your monthly dues of $14.75 and follow the Bylaws. Members are officially sanctioned “Super Samaritans” by the government and are afforded the rights and responsibility to use their powers for good. Those members that show promise…by winning a Team Ticket to form a Super Squad…because the last team lost its standings…likely due to death…OR a failure to meet the “Super Squad Bylaws”…can charter and form a Super Squad. Members of a Super Squad are a formally recognized hero team and they have the responsibility to Patrol. Now Patrol may sound fancy but it boiled down to allowing the team to go looking for trouble.

In addition to the Super League of Heroic Justice there are two other Unions available to extra-outstanding citizens. The two other Unions are the Pinkerton National Hero Agency and the League of Legend (each word should echo in your head). The Pinkerton National Hero Agency is a group of Heroes-for-Hire that invites promising Super League of Heroic Justice members to join their ranks. The Pinkerton National Hero Agency is not known to be flashy or to even be positive role models for the nation’s youth. Instead, Pinkerton National Hero Agency is known for getting the job done. The League of Legend (LOL) is made up a small conglomerate of elite super teams and extra-extraordinary super heroes that represents the best of the best. LOL teams and members have huge fan bases and public support. Cities pride themselves on their LOL teams and individuals that protect their cities and underwrite them. It is common place for these teams and individuals to have headquarters, -mobiles and other hero accoutrement all provided by their host city. Cities will scandalously even offer incentives to try to woo away a LOL hero or team to their city.

There are exactly 2,862 Super Squad districts, one for each Congressional district to serve the public.
In Megatropolis 12 million citizens are protected by 12 Super Squads…and 12 Congressional representatives… but even more important Megatropolis is host of the preeminent League of Legend team…The God Squad. The God Squad impressive reputation includes saving the entire Earth 3 different times, single teamedly thwarted a Bi`en’agan (pronounced ) invasion and saved the greater Megatropolis area 10 times over. All certified, made into movies and publicly chronicled in the Hall of Heroes museum. Be sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up the latest collector item of your favorite God…or the whole team because who can really chose just one God.

Congratulations! You submitted a Super Squad Charter with Bylaws to form the <your name="true">. Your charter was picked through the Super League of Heroic Justice semi-random selection process. The Oracle of Delphi, a Quark with luck based powers select the winner with the theory that her luck will pick the best team to service the citizenry.

Super League of Heroic Justice